Michael Squellati Discusses Spring Activities You Can Do with Your Kids


Spring is officially here, which means the weather is getting warmer. If you have kids, they’re probably anxious to go outside and have some fun. You’re probably right there with them. As an active father, himself, Michael Squellati encourages all parents to make as much time as they can do to spend time with their children outside. It’s not only good for their health and yours, but it can allow you to develop a stronger bond with your kids and get into new adventures that don’t involve what’s on television.


What Can You Do Outdoors?


As a collegiate athlete, Michael Squellati isn’t afraid to lose his breath or get dirty. One thing you can do with your kids is start a garden. Your kids can get their hands dirty and learn the basics of gardening. You’ll be happy when those tomatoes and cucumbers are in full bloom come harvesting time.


Another thing you can try is introducing your kid to a new sport. When he or she is old enough, you can enlist them in a youth league or start off slow and go out in the backyard and teach the basics yourself. Sports can be a way to stay active and also a good learning tool.


Finally, with the warmer weather and blooming plant and flowers, many municipalities hold fairs and other events this time of year. Check out what’s in your area to see if there is an event you and your kids may be interested in. And if the event has funnel cake, all the better.


Spring is no time to spend indoors. Try these and other activities to stay active with your kids and engage in things that will bring you closer together and create memories.


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